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Headline en e-mail addresses of employees will become invalid on 1 February 2020

This year all employees have received a email address. Emails sent to your old or accounts are still being forwarded to your NHL Stenden email address. From 1 February these email addresses will become invalid and you will only be able to be reached on your address.

If an email is sent to your old email address after 1 Februari 2020, the sender will receive a message that this email address is no longer active. Below you can find a number of tips to prepare you for this change.

Amend you signature and your business card

Do you still have your or email address on your email signature or your business card? Amend this as soon as possible. In this way you can ensure that your colleagues, students and other important contacts can reach you through your email address. In addition, inform important contacts outside our university of applied sciences that you can only be reached at your e-mail address.

Change your contact details in other systems

Do you make use of websites and other important systems outside our University of Applied Sciences? Ensure that the right email addresses are also changed here. In this way you will be certain that you will not miss any important updates and that service emails (for example requesting a new password) arrive at the right address.

Start using the addresses of colleagues and students

In Outlook e-mail addresses are filled in automatically. Because of this you are probably sending emails to your colleagues’ and students’ old email addresses. As a result it is important to try and enter the emails now, so that in the future Outlook will automatically enter them in correctly.

Your back-up account

Do you still use or account to log into certain systems and applications? Or do you use this account to login to our computers? Then these will continue to work also after 1 February. Eventually these systems will also be transferred to NHL Stenden accounts. In this way, slowly but surely, we will work our way to using the NHL Stenden account for all our systems.

Would you like to know more?

Do you have any questions about your email address or your NHL Stenden account? Then please contact the Service Desk via, on 058 251 2552 or through the Digicoach app. We are happy to help.