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Check your test schedule and test location

The test schedule will be posted on Xedule, which can be found on

You can view your test week schedule as follows:

  • Select the Schedules tile.
  • Log into the Xedule self-service portal.
  • Select your test group. You can recognise a test group by its EXAM suffix.

The name of the test group consists of these elements:


  • ACADEMY – a two-letter abbreviation
  • COURSE – 2 or 3 letters
  • VT = Full-time programme,  DT = Part-time programme
  • EXAM Y1/2/3/4 – displays the tests of the corresponding year.

After you have made your selections, all tests of the corresponding year will be displayed, including locations.

Based on your test identifier codes which you have used to register in Progresswww, the corresponding date and time of the test(s) are displayed.

Are you resitting any tests?
You can find your test in the corresponding year for which you are resitting.